The Importance of a Responsive Web Design

I’m going to explain to you why in today’s world it is important to have your website design and developed to be fully responsive with today’s technology.

What is a fully responsive website design? Responsive website designs are when your website looks just as good on any phones or tablets as the design does on your computer. You can browse the website just as easy and it doesn’t look all cluttered and sloppy.

So what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Usually, you go to your cell phone. Whether you use it for your alarm or you want to check your first text messages and emails in the morning. It goes to show you how much you really are on your cell phone. It’s been probably ten years since that last flip cell phone where your only entertainment was a flip phone. How often do you browse the web on your phone and how often are all websites responsive?

About 80%+ of today’s new website designs developed are fully responsive.

The bounce rate of a non-responsive website design is higher than ever. Bounce rate is when the user comes to your website design and either stays or bounces right away. So if your website isn’t responsive, they are most likely to bounce right away. If it is responsive, the better the chance they will stay on your website and browse around.

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Overall, putting two and two together really gives you the obvious reasons of why you need your website design developed to be fully responsive! Keep your website design looking clean and keep your audience on your website!


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