Approach small
in a BIG WAY.

We are a small company but from experience, the best talent in our industry isn't at the biggest agencies.

So who is Hitusupdesigns?

We are a remote, local web design, website development, SEO and printing company. We consist of three designers, three developers and the best SEO and PPC professionals. All of us have over 10 years of experience in the development, SEO marketing, and design fields. 

What do you do?

If you’re here you must already know but let me lay it out for you briefly. We design and develop websites, do graphic designs including full brand logo designs. We do SEO to help you rank your website higher on Google and to top it off we also do any type of printing you need. So we pretty much do everything you need to make a successful business.

Where are you located?

Being a remote company we work all around the US. Most of us are over in South Jersey but a few heads are in Ohio as well. That’s what’s good about working remote. You may think we’re working in a professional button down but what you’ll never know is if we’re working in our pjs. 

How much do you charge?

That is the biggest question of course. We can’t put a set price on your project until we know exactly what you’re looking to have done. What we can put a price on is our high quality, affordable printing service. As for web designs like websites, logos and graphics- those vary of course.

What is the timeframe?

This is another big question. The timeframe consists of our team and yours. We will meet your deadline but we need your full communication if we have any questions, want to show you any revision, etc. 

What makes you different?

Yes, we are different than other web design companies. We are fully committed. Not to say others aren’t but we are unique in a way that we will not just deliver your work and say peace out. We will provide you with full support after your project is done. You have our contact info so we’re set! 🙂

We appreciate your business, so we appreciate your work.