Using WordPress for Your Website

Wordpress is the sh*t and you should be using it!

Being a web designer and developer for over ten years, I must say learning how to code from scratch to using the WordPress platform was the best lesson learned.

What is WordPress? WordPress is probably the most brilliant, easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) of today’s websites that you see today.


Why should I get my website design developed using WordPress? Not only is it a stable platform to start programming for us developers and designers but it is also user and admin friendly for your audience and yourself. Whether you are running a business or blogging, it is very admin friendly. This means you don’t need any sort of coding knowledge in order to post to your website/blog.

Wordpress Picture

A few other reasons I’d like to throw out there is that WordPress is also search engine friendly. As Google engineer Matt Cutts said, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” Not only is the platform coded so clean but it also offers great plugins like the free Yoast SEO plugin for more SEO help.

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WordPress is also mobile friendly. When we design your website and develop it using WordPress we make sure that it is always going to be fully responsive. WordPress helps us by giving us a heads start when using it.

WordPress is so popular that it has its own community. The WordPress community is one large forum with questions and answers from a WordPress user to another.

We won’t even go down the WordPress plugins road. I’ll have to post a whole new blog post about the plugins for WordPress and how many there are and how useful they are to your website.


All in all, when you choose WordPress you have complete control over your website! Let us design and develop your new WordPress design! Let us convince you by showing you our top WordPress designs that our South Jersey web developers have created in the past.