Design Thinking: Building Up Your Ideas

If you’re in the website, logo and graphic designer I would certainly hope you are a creative person. Creativity and imagination takes a whole lot of thinking. You have to understand what you’re going to draw up, what you’re going to design. Unlike analytical thinking, design thinking is a creative process based around the “building up” of ideas.

I wanted to write up and teach you a little more about design thinking. 

What is Design Thinking?

Wikipedia defines it as “a process for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result.”

As with design, there’s probably no one definition of design thinking everyone will agree on. The word design can refer to nouns such as designers, physical products, and style. The word can be a verb, as in process, create, and make.

So what Design Thinking really does is it brings up imagination, logic, intuition & systemic reasoning in order to explore the possibilities of what COULD be, and to create desired outcomes. It involves both analysis and imagination.

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Doing some research on other design blogs I found a lot about the term design thinking. I liked what this design blog had to say what design thinking involved, which is the following:

  • Collaborative, especially with others having different and complimentary experience, to generate better work and form agreement
  • Abductive, inventing new options to find new and better solutions to new problems
  • Experimental, building prototypes and posing hypotheses, testing them, and iterating this activity to find what works and what doesn’t work to manage risk
  • Personal, considering the unique context of each problem and the people involved
  • Integrative, perceiving an entire system and its linkages
  • Interpretive, devising how to frame the problem and judge the possible solutions

People say ‘Design Thinking’ Is the Next Thing In Business Schools. Could you agree?


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