2 Important Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Clients Design

These may be no brainer questions but those who think they know everything about their client already and forget to ask these questions, well, how many revisions have been thrown back at you from your client?

Website Design Questions

The best way to start planning out the design is to find the ‘style’ they are after, what the client likes. Again, that’s a no brainer. There are so many styles of websites out there. You don’t want to start designing a modern website design when they want some sort of fun, colorful website. 

So ask your client these two important questions before starting their design:
-Ask for at least two example websites they like. Why? Because again, there are sooo many styles of websites today. 
-Ask what they like about these example websites. Is it the colors, structure, functions, effects, etc.

Next step is to be honest. Pick apart the website(s) they like. If they send you an ugly website, well then that’s your call on whether you want to tell them that you don’t recommend using that as a base. I’ve had a few clients send me example websites that they like and it looked like the designs were made in the 90’s. I had to be straight forward and say… noooo… not happening.

 But in a much nicer, more detailed way of course.

So provide them with your own recommended websites of what you personally AND professionally think would be best for their organization. Send them example URL’s and see what their thoughts are on those websites. Tell them WHY you recommend it. Remember, it may be their website but you are the designer and you have more experience in these types of things. Be sure to explain WHY you recommend using this type of structure, functions, etc. 

Now if they still want their 90’s website like my one client did, well then you tried convincing them otherwise but they’re paying you and that’s what they want so they win. Don’t argue. Just one important thing is to deliver their design with the example URL they provided you with just so they know you’re basing it around the style they sent.

And if they love their 90’s website, great! But that’s certainly one to keep out of the portfolio if you ask me.

With all that said, our web designers can design and develop a website for you, from the 90’s to todays styles. But we do prefer designing a modern, professional website. We will guide you from ground zero to until we launch the site! 


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