Design Packages

Why do we offer package plans? Because not everybody wants the same exact thing. You may want a small one-page website or you may want a large website with 10+ pages and crazy cool effects.

The choices are unlimited because of how simple or advanced we can make your website. If you’re only looking for something small, we will make sure we give you the best price for exactly that.

Design Packages We Offer

A fixed budget is more comforting so you know what you’re spending. We won’t be billing you by the hour. We will provide you with the fixed price of your project and take if from there! We will tell you if you’re going too big or too little and give you what we recommend will be the best to start. 


3 Pages + Logo
$ 1000


Website + Logo
$ 2500

Option 3

Website, Logo + Prints
$ 3500

Monthly Plans Available.

How does a monthly plan work? Exactly like your car payment. You will put a small deposit down so we can begin your project and simply pay off the rest until paid in full. 

Why go with the monthly payment plan? Well, you might be on a budget so we’re okay with that. If we feel a comfortable connection between each other then we are certainly happy to make it happen.

So what are you interested in?